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Chelsey Meyer is the founder and lead designer of Elliot Interiors. Her designs feature inspiration from the many chapters of her life, from her scenic childhood in Lake Tahoe to her former career in custom clothing. Chelsey is adept at helping her clients hone in what is missing in their home and guiding them to their ideal space. Along with her team, she nurtures an environment of collaborative creativity in which her clients are empowered to curate a home that enhances their life in an authentic way. Chelsey lives in Nashville with her three young children.

Our Recent Projects


My Approach

What makes a well-designed home? I think the answer to that question is likely different for everyone, but there are a few things that we all can agree on: comfort, approachability, and timelessness. Inspired by the best qualities of home, we created a truly client-centered design studio, one that tailors its services to meet your needs and never sacrifices style, quality, or functionality. We are perpetually inspired by the belief that good design impacts every facet of life, and we hope that is reflected in the community created here.

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