Our packages are carefully-crafted to serve a wide variety of clients with their unique design needs, goals, and challenges. What we offer homeowners is more than efficiency or a particular aesthetic; it's a truly collaborative journey to your ideal home. We take your vision and apply our time, expertise, and creativity to curate a space where you thrive.

Our Services

We pride ourselves in providing a process that is straightforward and stress-free. For each project, we edit our approach based on the budget and needs of the particular client. Our experience has informed our three package options, which we tailor to fit your space and goals. Our services are also available virtually for those outside the Nashville area.

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    As the name would imply, this is our most comprehensive package and requires the least involvement from our clients. We take what we learn from our initial consultation and use it to create a design concept. We present it, alongside tactile samples and visuals. Once approved, we handle every aspect of the execution from managing subcontractors to sourcing to final styling. We provide frequent progress updates, but on the whole, you are able to focus on your daily life with little interruption. At the end, we are able to welcome you home to your new space that is equal parts comfortable, beautiful, and functional. These projects have a minimum budget + spend requirement. 

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    Have you ever wished you had a designer friend that would just come over for the day and help you get your projects on track? If so, this is for you. We spend time getting to know you (virtually), your space, and your vision for your ideal space. We then turn that into an actionable plan for you to execute on your own time, complete with mood boards, source links, and step-by-step instructions. It's DIY Design with the guiding hand of a professional. Our fee for this starts at $900. Please inquire about your specific home needs to get an accurate quote.

  • 03


    If you have a specific design dilemma or your space just needs a fresh set of eyes, you might not need a full design project. During our design consultations, we spend one hour of one-on-one time with you, discussing whatever you want. One of our favorite parts of this business is sharing what we’ve learned and we relish the opportunity to help you create a cohesive and inviting place at your own pace. These services start at $300+.


Our Client Process


    - Inquiry

    - Consultation

    - Scope Evaluation

    - Proposal

    - Contract

    - Retainer


    - Measurements

    - Trade Day

    - Sourcing

    - Floor Plans

    - Elevations


    - Design Presentation

    - Estimates

    - Deposit

    - Purchase Agreement


    - Ordering​

    - Lead Time Assessment

    - Budget Review

    - Construction Begins

    - Installation Period Continues


    - Orders Received​


    - Furniture Installation​

    - Client Styling​

    - Deficiencies Walk Through

    - Resolution of Deficiencies

    - Presentation of Client Binder

    - Farewell


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