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Design In A Day

I talk about it all the time on, all the time. It's my most popular design service and for good reason. We live in an age where endless inspiration is at our fingertips. I believe people are more inspired and creative than ever but can also feel overwhelmed by the mass amount of choices available to us. Enter Design In A Day.

I created this service last winter for the "every day client". This is for the client who doesn't have the need or budget to hire a full service designer but still needs design help an guidance. It goes deeper than just a consultation where I come over and leave you with my ideas and suggestions. You receive a design presentation from me 3 weeks after we meet that has a full task list in priority of where your time and money are best spent, inspiration photos and design direction. It comes with 3 mood boards of the main areas we are focusing on and a linked shopping list for you to order from. You also get one set of revisions for this! It's literally like having an interior designer BFF. And not only is it a super affordable service for the value ($600 flat fee), it takes away all the stress of shopping online and leaves you feeling confident that every item you purchase is designer approved for your home!

Ready to get started? Fill out an inquiry form on my contact page and we can get you going!


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