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Design In A Day - Client Feature!

If there is one thing we take deep pride in here at Elliot Interiors, it’s our Design In A Day service. Built out of mindfulness to give our clients a simplistic and affordable way to transform their beloved spaces inside of their homes, Design In A Day has become a staple element in what Elliot Interiors is all about.

Design In A Day (DIAD) is a completely virtual experience that allows you to work on a budget you’re comfortable with, at a pace that you set, and with a designer that will take the time to get to know you, your space, and the dreams that you have for it. It’s the perfect option for someone who needs professional direction for only one or a few rooms within their home. With a virtual consultation, mood boards, sourced-links, and step-by-step instructions, DIAD could not be any easier for someone wanting to explore using a design service.

Anna I., one of Elliot Interior’s valued clients, has used our DIAD services and fell in love with the efficiency of the entire process. She spoke to us about her experiences working with Chelsey, our lead designer and fearless owner of Elliot Interiors, and graciously shared insight into her own home projects that Elliot Interiors is currently assisting her on. “Once I got connected with Chelsey the process couldn’t have been easier. I originally reached out to her on Instagram to make sure she thought that DIAD was the right approach for me as I had recently bought a vacation home in the mountains and needed help not just with the furniture and styling, but also paint colors, bathroom tile, fixtures, etc. She quickly responded, walked me through her process, and assured me it was the right package for me. I sent her photos of the space, and we scheduled a Zoom call. We bought our house for its view, not its style, so I was really struggling to figure out what direction to take the space in and what was feasible. Chelsey is so self-assured in her aesthetic that it really grounded me and gave me a distinct direction.”

Anna especially appreciates the steady direction that DIAD and Chelsey provide for her, saying that her favorite part of the process “is how seamless and easy it was. I felt like I was a part of designing the space, but trusted Chelsey so much that I didn’t have to spend hours and hours looking at furniture or going back and forth about what style to go with. This approach was so focused, cohesive and comprehensive.”

Another appreciated favorite for Anna are Chelsey’s mood boards, which allowed her to envision the entire space and the potential it held. “I loved how cohesive Chelsey’s mood board designs were,” Anna said to us. “She designed multiple spaces for me at once, which was ideal because I loved how they all flowed together. I actually did not make any changes at all – the look and prices were all on point.”

And, speaking on price and the affordability that DIAD provides, Anna commented, “that is another thing I really appreciate about Chelsey – the price of everything is all very approachable.” Elliot Interiors works mindfully to honor the budget you have in place, and gives you stylish suggestions based on your comfort level.

We are so grateful for clients like Anna, who not only trust our team with the design of her sacred space but who also understands the value of working with a designer who’s aesthetic collaborates with her own. “I remember Chelsey saying one time that when choosing a designer you have to be sure you like their aesthetic. It seems so obvious, but I think a lot of people hire designers and sometimes expect them to go in a completely different direction than their established style. If you like the spaces Chelsey has designed in the past, then don’t hesitate to pull the trigger! Hand Chelsey the wheel and she will come up with something absolutely beautiful and save you so much time and hassle. I have no doubt that my place is not only going to look one hundred times better than if I had tried to do it by myself, but it was also done so much faster and more efficiently.”

Anna’s space is currently in the revision process, and she expects for it to be completed in the next three weeks. She is excited to share the final product with us so that we can see how an empty vacation home with a beautiful view was transformed into a sacred mountain escape, all thanks to the help of Design In A Day and the hard work of Chelsey and Elliot Interiors.

If you are interested in your own Design In A Day, please fill out a contact form and we will get back to you with the next steps!


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