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Design Your Home / Change Your Life

I struggled with what to write about regarding the first post on my blog here at Elliot Interiors. Do I write about my design process? Do I post a shopping post? Well, yes, I will definitely - actually these posts will probably come next. So I thought, the best first post here should be about why it is vital to your happiness, your abundance and your mindset to invest in good design.

Okay yes, if you’ve followed me on Instagram for a while, you know I lean toward the “woo” side of things and that 2020 has really been the year that I’ve dedicated myself to my mindset, healing traumas, manifestation and getting my shit together ;). Despite the absolute craziness in the world this year, this has been the most important year of my life. And with that, my love for design has really transformed into a love of people. I love to see people truly living and growing in their homes. It is the greatest gift to be able to create a space that nurtures them and becomes their retreat from the world. I never take this lightly.

SO with that being said. It is SO important to invest in your home. In your space. This doesn’t have to mean going crazy, it’s whatever is aligned with you. But taking the time to clean out the clutter, to organize that closet, to make a beautiful bedroom retreat for yourself will nourish your soul over and over and over again.

Earlier this year, I created a course called “Home Vibes”. It was all about creating a home that allowed for good energy. I studied Feng Shui to apply some main principles to this course. Unknowingly, I had been using Feng Shui in my designs organically already. It was amazing to see how much the home was connected to money and abundance. If your kitchen is cluttered = you likely had money problems. If your office was a mess or your back faced the door = you likely had chaos with your finances. If your bedroom was a mess = so were your finances (and your love life). I can truly say, the times where I have felt like my home was out of control are also the times my life likely has been to.

Good design is more than just paying someone to decorate your home. It can change your life. It can ease anxiety and stress and it will help you bring more goodness, happiness and money into your life. The easiest way for this to happen quickly is to hire a designer. They are trained and have so much experience in managing your project and creating something beautiful all while removing the workload from you - and they LOVE it :) I have multiple service options for clients that are meant to meet the client where they are at. Even if Full Service is out of the picture for you, there are others that can get you organized and moving in a direction that will accomplish all of the above. If you need some help figuring out what is right for you, please send me a note and I’m always happy to talk it over with you!


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